Previous week, three Extend senior sales visited 3 major packaging exhibitions, got the trustful market info: our Main Taiwan competitor announced price up ? %

Such a market leader behavior!?????????


This week, right in this week, Extend totally new strapping machines is going complete 1 million tests. Started 2017 May Interpack till now, all machine functions, also electric/mechanic parts ……. and many more! This is the basic homework a Market Leader must do. As you know the past 33 years, Extend stands 2 times Market Leader, each time about 8 years.


If Extend wants to be Market Leader once more, the new machines need to prove not only have absolute quality, even better. But also offer new and value technology. Most important is price must be better & cheaper.


Next month, April, you will get Extend approved and responsible information on the new strapping machines. Much appreciation to the markets’ partners that already placed order, and your patient to wait for Extend insistence of 1 million tests. End this week to early next week we will deliver and fulfil our promise.


We are grateful the market willing to give Extend this opportunity to be the Market Leader again.







Robert Lai